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I had a lot of fun making this project.  It all started with my obsession with pinterest.  I saw this post, and decided to make one of my own just with my own little twist to it since it wasn’t nearly big enough for my liking.  Here is my version:

What you need to get started on the post:

4X4- (1) cut to 3 ft.
1X4- (2) cut to 16 in
1X6- (2) cut to 16 in
2X8- (1) cut to 7 in
molding- your choice (I got 5 feet and had a little left over)
Spray Paint
Fence Cap (1) I found it over by the fencing stuff at Home Depot
Step 1:  Using nails and wood glue, I attached the 1X4’s to the sides and 1X6’s to the front and back of the 4X4 post.  Then I attached the 1X8 to the bottom with a screw and wood glue so that it was nice and secure.  This will create your base.

Step 2: Cut your molding to size.  You should cut them at a 45 degree angle so that you have nice mitered corners.  You should have 2 pieces that are 4 in long and 2 pieces that are 16 in long.  Attach them to the front of your post.  (It should be a 1X6 that you are attaching them to.)

Step 3:  Add your cap to the top by using wood glue and then using small nails on the sides to hold it securely in place.
Step 4:  Caulk all of the spaces.  Trust me.  You don’t want to skip this step.  It will make your piece not only look flawless, but it makes it a lot more sturdy.
Step 5:  Sand down the entire post.  I wouldn’t recommend sanding the molding. 
Step 6:  Spray paint your post with whatever color you would like. 

Once that is done, you are done with making the post.  Now on to how to decorate it!
My mom had this awesome rod iron thing that she found while thrifting one day and she let me use it for this project.  It definitely added a lot to the finished look.  To attach it, I used a screw through the post and hung it on it.  Then I also added nails to either side of it so that it won’t swing around in the wind.
To make the welcome sign, I used a scrap 1X4 and simply spray painted it the color I wanted it, then added the vinyl lettering.

The pumpkins took a little bit of creativity.  I really wanted a specific look for my post, and the only way I could get it was to buy this sign from Tai Pan ($9) and take the pumpkins off of it.  Then I attached them to some scrap 1X4’s that I had cut to the right size.  Here is the sign sans pumpkins.  The pumpkins I used went on either side of the skinny pumpkin in the middle.  You get the idea though.

To attach it to the rod iron thingy, I used some ribbon I got from Walmart for $1.00!  I was pretty excited about my find.  I actually found a couple of really great ribbons for such a cheap price. 

To finish things off, I simply placed it on my porch and got some fun fall mums to go next to it.  I love the way it turned out and I think I am most excited about the fact that I can change out the pumpkins for other holiday decor once Christmas rolls around.  It really is versatile and I can’t wait to make the blocks for the other holidays throughout the year.

And there you have it.  My POV project for the month.  Don’t forget that you can go link up your favorite fall projects over at Gwen’s blog.  We will be choosing our favorites to feature next week!

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20 Responses to “Seasonal Welcome Post”

Amy at Ameroonie Designs
September 23, 2011 Reply

Wow Jonie! This is stunning. I LOVE it!! It is gorgeous and I love that you totally destroyed something to get just the look you wanted. 🙂

S. Greiner
September 23, 2011 Reply

Jonie-this is AWESOME!!!! I love how you used the ribbon on the smart!!! I’ve been trying to figure out some ribbon hanging techniques for some signs I’m making…thanks for the idea!!! I really appreciate you ladies letting me guest this month!

Attempting Aloha
September 23, 2011 Reply

That looks awesome! Now where to score an iron thingy…Hmmmm… 🙂


September 23, 2011 Reply

So cute! I love the green ribbon with it! It ties it all together. Great job:)

September 23, 2011 Reply

That is awesome. You did such a great job and it looks so good sitting by the front door. I love the iron thingy too. What a great find for this project.

Someone should make you a crown, and then put wood on it. And then you would be the queen of wood. Cuz seriously, you are. 🙂

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny
September 23, 2011 Reply

Amazing project, Jonie! I have really loved the few woodworking projects I’ve done, and this looks like it would be a lot of fun to put together. Great job!

September 24, 2011 Reply

I love this! What a great idea.

Kim from Maiden D'Shade
September 27, 2011 Reply

I absolutely love this! It is so elegant! Now I wish I had a bigger porch.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made
September 28, 2011 Reply

This is so striking! You did such a great job creating this piece — love the pumpkin sign!

October 30, 2011 Reply

You might could use an iron type plate stand opened up flat for the iron hanger 🙂

Tracy Suzanne
June 9, 2012 Reply

Hi Jonie.
I just found this on pinterest and had to see who made such an elegant welcome sign. You did such a great job. I’m a new gfc follower and just repinned it too. BTW-I have a sister named Joni. I love that name and you don’t find too many.

Have a wonderful weekend…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

June 25, 2012 Reply

Can you tell me how you actually did the lettering for this sign? Thank you!

Ashley Breaux
August 7, 2012 Reply

Where did you get the iron thingy to hang your signs?

August 8, 2012 Reply

Did you not use the cap on top? Yours looks flat on top, not like the post cap. I love the wrought iron and your pumpkins. So cute!!

Cindy Fischer
August 24, 2012 Reply


Cindy Fischer
August 24, 2012 Reply


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