Whoooo Wants to Make an Owl?

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Here is a fun project that I created for a challenge that I recently completed.  (I’ll tell you more about it later.)

If you would like to make one of these cute bags for yourself, here’s what you are going to need.

*an old sweater
*colorful scrap fabrics
*felt in four different colors plus one square for the pocket
*fun patterned fabric
*stiff interfacing
*sewing machine

I began by cutting a rectangle out of the sweater that is 14 in X 13 in.  This will become the front of your bag.

Next, cut out the eyes and nose pieces as well as the wings.  I will provide a template for you (if I can figure out how to upload it)

The scallops are next.  They are really easier to do than they look.  All you need to do is use a 2 inch circle.  Mark two lines, one on either side of the circle, then trace around the circle from one point to the next with a pen onto the felt.  Move the circle over so that the line matches up with the point you left off, and trace around the circle again going from one point to the next.  Repeat those steps until you have the desired length of scallops.  It ensures that the scallop is the same every time.

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