My Craft Room {2}

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I think it is a necessity for every woman to have a place that she can call her own.  Some may claim the kitchen table, some are in a closet.  I am fortunate to have an entire room that I call my very own.  Welcome to my craft room.

This is something that I have been working on for a VERY long time.  I am talking two and a half years.  This isn’t something that just happened overnight.  Bit by bit and piece by piece I have made this a place that I love to use to create and inspire.

I think the most common misconception about decorating is that it has to be expensive.  It doesn’t have to be.  Let me show you where I saved my money.

I found all of these things at my local thrift store (the DI) and for very affordable prices as you can see.  The table was my splurge, but at $40, I felt that it was a great find.  The table is counter height and is about 4 1/2 feet square.  It is my main creating surface.  I already told you about my bookcase, but in case you need a refresher, you can click over and take a look at it again.  The chair, I love it.  I do a lot of up and down while doing projects, and it is nice to have something that is pretty much the perfect height for me to lean on or sit on whichever I decide to do.  The vintage patterns were something that I knew I wanted, but didn’t have any idea where I would get them.  One day while I was at the thrift store, I happened to see a very large pile of them.  I went through and chose my favorites, and at .25 a piece, I knew I couldn’t lose.  I really love the way they look displayed on my peg board.

Do you want to see where I started?  This is what the room looked like when the previous owners lived here.  (Yes, I was the crazy lady that went through and took pictures of every single room when we were walking through because I wanted to show everyone the house we were looking at.)  I am only showing you Craft Area “a” and will save the other half of the room for another day.

Big difference, huh.  Just you wait until you see the rest of the room. :)  Just so that you can assimilate yourself, the door would be to the right of this photo.  The table is the first thing that you see when you walk into the room.

There are a ton of little details that I love, but let’s start with my jars from IKEA.  I love the way my loose ribbons look folded up inside of the jars.  It is a great way to keep them organized and still be able to see what I have.

I also love the way I have my scissors and tools hung up.  I bought the holder at Home Depot when I bought the peg board (which I spray painted yellow and am SO glad because I love the cheery color and the way it brightens the room.)

I have a love of bakers twine.  I bought mine from Pick Your Plum when they had it as the deal for the day.  If they ever have it for sale, buy it from them because it really is the best value for your money.  The pink basket is one that I got from Target in the dollar section a while ago.  It holds all of my washi tape (I told you I love it.) and some assorted pretty spools of thread.

One of my very favorite things EVER is my shelf.  I found this awesomeness at Robert’s Craft when they were going out of business.  I snatched up 5 of them.  No really.  Do you want to see what my sister did with one of them?  You really should go look at her nursery that my mom did for her.  You can find it over on my mom’s blog (that she doesn’t actually write….we (my sister’s and I) just thought that everyone should be able to see the awesome projects that my mom does.)  Anyway, when I got it, it was a really gross green color.  I painted it this awesome sea foam color and put some vinyl on it.  In the end, I really really really love it.


So? What do you think?  Would you like to come craft with me?  I am always looking for people to do projects with me :)
If you have any questions about anything, let me know.  I am happy to answer them for you!
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