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Prepare to have your socks knocked off!  Our contestants were given Riley Blake fabrics to use in round two and MAN!  They came up with some amazing projects.  If you would like to win a box of the same products used in this round, go enter the Play at Home giveaway!  There will be two winners!

Now on to the projects!

Pretty Hand Towel

My project is a fun little hand towel project using the Riley Blake fabric bundle I got in the mail. The colors were some of my favorites in lime green, navy blue, and gray, so I thought I’d use those fabric pieces and ric rac to create an easy and pretty hand towel for a bathroom or kitchen.

riley blake fabric rosette hand towel

I had the white hand towel on hand from JoAnn’s, so I attached the ric rac to the top and the bottom of the towel area and then created cute little flowers with the fabric with buttons in the center of each. This would be a fun gift to make as a housewarming present or to match your party decor for your next party–you could even make them seasonally for gifts!

riley blake fabric rosette towel closeup

Summer Sampler Wreath

Few things make me happier than creating and displaying a new wreath. I love the pop of color and cuteness they add to the front door! But, wreaths are hard to store, especially since I am short on storage space. So with that in mind, I took this rounds materials and created a Summer Sampler Wreath! Not only does this save on storage space and money, but using the materials given to us from Riley Blake Designs I made a wreath that can be used throughout the summer!


The first thing I did was wrap a foam wreath form in strips of the the large polka dot fabric and added a green polka dot fabric bow (isn’t it cute on its own?). Knowing I wanted to be able to use the wreath again-and-again throughout the summer, I made interchangeable add-ons! Using these add-ons, the wreath is decorated for Father’s Day (cute cassette tape fabric tie and sign), the Fourth of July, Summer Sports (doesn’t the sign look like turf?!), and Summer Fun in the Sun! I attached brass thumbtacks from the dollar store to the back of each add-on, so I can change them out and keep my wreath form in perfect shape! I think my wreath addiction is filled for the summer! Hope yours is too!

Wreath Collage

Just Press Play Tunic

Any momma with little ones knows the pain of dealing with stained clothing. Its an inevitable part of having kids and one that I’ve finally found a solution for! My daughter recently had one of her brand new tank tops go through a load of laundry that contained my son’s red shirts. You can guess what happened next… Ugh.


Just Press Play Tunic - Blog Wars

To cover up the new bright pink stain, I used the gorgeous Riley Blake fabric and trim we were sent as part of this awesome competition. The layers of yummy ruffles, bright patterns, and girly touches really speak to my daughter’s personality and I love the uniqueness of how the tunic turned out. It’s for sure something we won’t see any other little princess wearing around the block!

Just Press Play Tunic - Blog Wars 2


Colorful Jumper

This week our *secret ingredient*  was an adorable package of fabric from Riley Blake.  I LOVE fabric and I LOVE Riley Blake so this was like a dream come true for me.  I knew immediately that I wanted to use EVERYTHING they sent to me.  The variety of fabrics were so bright and fun and the ribbons and accessories all coordinated wonderfully.  I decided on a fun and bright sundress.  This was a new pattern for me to use and it was fun to create something different from what I am use to.  Riley Blake was wonderful to send us so much that I didn’t have to buy anything extra to create this sweet dress, I had thread so I was able to get right to work.
Colorful Jumper
At first I was a little bit thrown on what to do with the cassette tape fabric, I wasn’t 100% sure I would be able to come up with a way to use it but I LOVED the bright colors so I first decided to use it as the ruffles on the plain florescent yellow panel of fabric.  Once I had the ruffles done I knew I wanted to use more of it in the dress to bring more of the fun colors but I also didn’t want it to be the main focus so using it to back the straps and sash was a perfect compromise, I got the fun colors in without the whole dress being about cassette tapes.  I also HAD to use the fun ruffled ric rak green ribbon, putting it on the grey panel I think really made the green pop.  I am in love with the end result and cannot wait to share more pictures of this fun dress!
Colorful Jumper Collage

Slipcover For a Chair and a Pillow

this is the last one
Fabric is a wonderful thing–and that’s exactly what we had to work with this week.  Of all the things there are to create with fabric, I decided to be a brave little toaster and try something I was inspired by several months ago:  this fabulous chair.  (And just in case you missed the price of the fabulous chair–ta-da: $5,750–which is $5,725 beyond my budget.)  The mix and surprise of fabric was what I was going for.  I wanted something new and tailored to cover (NOT reupholster) a thrift store chair we had.  I gathered every piece of fabric (from the storage area I call my craft room) that could possibly work and started to put the puzzle together.  It took ‘a minute’ to figure it out–and in the end I needed to purchase 5 of the 17 different pieces.  Seventeen is crazy–but it worked.
collage of wonder
It looks like it was reupholstered but it’s not–which is the look I was going for. With a slipcover I can change the look of the chair in a few years. In a surprising turn of pillow events, I actually used the rick rack and a button they sent us. I love the chair. I love the pillow. Feel free to join me for an afternoon read.

Ruffled Baby Dress


This week’s project was fun (Riley Blake fabric!! Yes please!) but a huge challenge. The fabrics they sent us were different colors than I would typically put together and were unique cuts that made sewing them all together a challenge for me. But a fun challenge and I am happy with the results.


I made a small ruffled baby dress which in truth was going to be a shirt but ended up turning into a dress as I sewed. Perfect for summertime or could be great even in the winter with a pair of leggings and a sweater over it. So much fun to make! And I especially love the little bows on the corners. and who doesn’t love polkadots and chevrons? Fun fun fun! (And yes, I can give you a tutorial after the competition ends.)

Jewelry Display Frame

So, I promise I did use the fabric that was sent to us although (in spite of getting all kinds of fun patterns) I decided to paint the plain grey swatch. It sort of felt like I won a prize from an art gallery but chose to decorate my own canvas instead. Even better, since I was jazzed (high from fumes?) after spray painting the frame, I brilliantly thought I’d make a freezer paper stencil and use the spray paint on the fabric too. NO. Badbadbadbad. But a crafting miracle was bestowed upon me and I was able to salvage it by hand painting everything.  Big relief since I thought I had just ruined the ONE thing I definitely needed to use for this project.

 jewelry display

jewelry displaycollage

I added a shelf to this Salvation Army frame (which can also be hung on the wall), and I made my knobs. In a perfect world I’d be able to buy some vintage style Anthropologie knobs and be awesome, but those are expensive (just one of them costs more than this whole project) so I made my own out of push pins, paper, and those flat glass pebbles. The Mason jar for my rings is a stand in until I can find a tiny bowl to put there. Now I no longer have to use the “detangle-as-needed” method of jewelry storage and I’ll probably be on time for my next date with my husband.

Baby Dress, Shoes, and Hair Bow

As soon as I saw what was in this week’s package I new exactly what I wanted to make. One look at the fabric and all I could see was ruffles! I love the colors and patterns and could just see it all coming together in a wave of fun and funky-ness for one lucky little girl…

baby outfit

I started with a twirly summer halter dress full of those layered ruffles. I used the ribbon and buttons to accent the waist–totally wish there was enough fabric for one in my size! Then I added a few just-for-fun accessories. An elastic headband with a flower from a few scraps and another button and then a pair of barefoot sandals. SO loving this week’s challenge! Can’t wait for some warmer weather and a chance to show off this cuteness!!!

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Tile Board

Message board

I present my DIY Pottery Barn inspired tile board.  I really enjoyed this project tremendously, by far it had to be one of my favorites and I’m in total awe of it!  I took the fabric that was sent and made rosette push pins and magnets.  I also turned the buttons that riley blake designs sent and turned them into magnets.  I made a few extra with buttons I had laying around.  I covered 3 cork tiles with fabric, one of which is the grey fabric that was in our package!  I made a stencil for the “Pin it” board and painted the design on the cork tile.  There are 4 cork tiles,  3 magnetic, all of which you can write on, and 2 wood tiles for a clothes line.  Using some of the scraps I had left over I made a banner for decor.  I think its a great addition to any family’s home, office, or kids room.  And why pay $420.00 for something when you can make it for a fraction of that price!!  I think it is even better than Pottery Barns. 🙂

Message board 2


Aren’t the projects all so FABULOUS again this round?!?!  Holy cow, you guys!  I am loving all of the creativity that each of the contestants showed.  It is going to be a tough decision for you to make, but ya gotta do it!  Choose your top 3 favorite projects that you think should move on to the next round and vote below!  The voting will be open until Sunday night at 10 PM MST.  The results will be posted on Monday.  The last round was a close race for some of the contestants, so every single vote counts!  Good Luck Contestants!

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10 Responses to “Blog Wars Round Two Voting”

Kaylynn Young
May 24, 2013 Reply

WOWZA! These ladies are incredible! VOTED!

These really are impressive – wow. Voted 🙂

That chair knocked my socks off! So creative!

May 24, 2013 Reply

Amazing work ladies! Just voted :)!

it’s so fun to see how differently they used the fabric. so many great projects!

May 24, 2013 Reply

Love! These are all winners – voted!!!

May 24, 2013 Reply

I made my way to your blog from facebook, probably from Riley Blake, so it’s new to me. I will have fun exploring all I’ve missed. 🙂 But I’m commenting because I really, really want to know how to make a slipcover like that for a chair! Where do you begin? If you have discussed that in your blog perhaps I will find it soon, but maybe point me to somewhere? If you’re busy don’t worry about it I’m usually pretty resourceful but that slipcover was amazing!! congrats, Melody

Cathy H
May 24, 2013 Reply

Loved the slip cover!

Valerie Brown
May 25, 2013 Reply

These are some really clever ideas with some strange fabric combinations and colors. You made it work! This is my first time visiting. I found you through Riley Blake on FB.

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