Fourth and Final Round of Blog Wars

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If you would like to win the box of American Craft and Crate Paper goodies that our contestants were given to create with this week, you still have time!  Go enter our final Play at Home giveaway for a chance to win one of two boxes!

This is it!  The final round of Blog Wars! Can you believe all of the hard work and incredible projects that have gone into the last four weeks of this competition?!  I am blown away by all of the talent and creativity that we have seen here on Blog Wars.  I know you are probably dying to see the last three projects, but I wanted to take just a second and say thank you.  Thank you for all of your support for our contestants in voting for your favorite projects each week.  Your uplifting comments have been so motivating. I have learned a lot in hosting this competition and am excited to say that the next season of Blog Wars will be even bigger and better then this one.  Yes, you read that right.  We will be doing another season of Blog Wars!  Make sure you subscribe to Just Between Friends so that you don’t miss out on any information since there is no set date yet.  Anyway,  THANK YOU for supporting me in this crazy idea that I had that has been a learning experience and a big success.

Now on to the projects.  This week is different then all the other weeks.  You will only be allowed to vote for ONE project!  Make sure you read through each project and look at all the photos to make a very informed decision on which one you want to choose since you need to make your vote count.  The voting will be open from today until Sunday at 10PM MST and then on Monday our HUGE prize packages will be awarded to first, second and third place!

Laundry Room Makeover

Friends, (we’re friends now after all this, right?) it turns out I am not ready to appear on the next season of Design Star. Apparently reading a few blogs on home décor did not make me an expert. Sad and shocking, I know. Trying to redo this room in four days nearly did me in. I already chose my coffin and put a bunting on it.

 laundry before_afterLaundry Collage

That being said, I do love a challenge. As you can see, I used the paper we got, plus more of my own, almost everywhere. Nearly everything you see I made or altered myself.  Note: removable glue dots will adhere paper to a wall just long enough for you to think they’re going to stay. After that they soar away from the wall and gracefully float down to the floor while you stand by glaring and cursing under your breath. Incidentally, the double stick tape that was sent with the paper worked perfectly. Go figure. Anyway, I should go see what my family has been eating the last four days and find out if they remember who I am. Thank you all for being a part of this competition with me! It’s been awesome.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Mirrors are rather marvelous–they can add a pop of color, texture, and fun to a room. I love mirrors–love them. I’m particularly captivated by mirrors that are fabulously framed. I found this photo on Pinterest and immediately added it to a board where it has resided for the better part of a year. The box of goodies filled with American Crafts and Crate Paper products made the frame a perfect thing to try.
fourth round collage
The project is a combination of little bits of this ‘n’ that (trim, an old drawer, shower curtain hooks, whatever I could find in the garage, and junk piles), a framed mirror, several pieces of the adorable paper and two buttons from the box of goodies we received.  The most time consuming task was to balance everything together–it was also the most fun. (I love the vibrant color in the center frame.)  It turned out to be a “framed-framed” mirror that I love.

Play Bakery


When I saw what was in the package I was stumped.  But It being the last round I had to come up with something fabulous!  I took an old entertainment center we had in the garage for over a year now and turned it into a Play Bakery.  Complete with Play food!  I made play cake pops and cookies out of wood craft pieces you can find at JoAnns or Michael’s.  I used the baker’s twine that came in the package for the small cupcake boxes.  I also used the glitter glue to decorate the cake pops and cookie frostings.  The cake pops are one of my favorite parts of the whole bakery.  The stand was a must!  And I used the Glitter tape to trim the bottom of the stand.  I’m In love with that stuff! Glitter tape might become my new obsession.  I also made some fake sprinkles using glass beads and plastic dollar store shakers.  Almost all of the bakery kitchen ware came from the dollar store.  I also turned a Michael’s frame into a chalkboard!  You have to have a menu.  I added some shelves for some mini coca cola glasses!  And if you have cookies you need to have cookie bags!!  All the shelves light up with stick on Push LED lights!  It looks amazing inside! 🙂
I think this will be a hit with boys and girls, after all who doesn’t love SUGAR!  I hope you all love this as much as I enjoyed slaving for 4 days to get this fabulous project done! 🙂  It was a labor of love!
See what I mean about incredible projects?!  I think our final three contestants all worked so hard and did an amazing job!  Remember that you only get ONE vote this week, so make it a good one!  Good Luck contestants!
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That was really hard to vote for just one! Great projects! I love them all!

June 7, 2013 Reply

It was fun to see all of your creativity-thanks for sharing your ideas and good luck to all finalists.

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