Gifts for Guys | The 12 Dates After Christmas

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Like I mentioned yesterday, I am teaming up with Holly from Bits of Everything to bring you a week of gift ideas.  Today’s theme is Gifts for Guys.

Trying to decide on a gift for my husband is next to impossible sometimes.  He likes to hunt, but he’s picky about what he gets.  Forget trying to surprise him with anything.  I have managed to surprise him a couple of times, but it isn’t often.  I usually like to get him one big gift and then something with meaning to go along with it.  I decided that I am going to show you what I gave him two years ago for Christmas.  I originally posted this in 2011, but figured it could use a refresher.  I call this “The 12 Dates After Christmas”.

gifts for him

My sister and I made these together.  I came up with the design and she came up with the poems that went on each card.  The basic idea behind them was to have a date idea for every month so that he wouldn’t have to worry about figuring out a date idea.  My husband loved this idea because it takes all the pressure off of him to come up with something!

12 dates after Christmas

Let’s talk about the fact that he still has all of the cards.  How cute is that?  He even still had them tied nicely in a bow.  I dug them out to take new pictures for this post and it made me smile that he still had them.

gift ideas for guys

If you want to learn more details about how I made the cards, you can go back to the original 12 Dates After Christmas post and see the full story.   Oh, and one more thing.  You can never go wrong with getting your husband the Duck Dynasty dvds.  If you are stuck on what to get him.  Get him that.  He will be “happy, happy, happy” 🙂


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6 Responses to “Gifts for Guys | The 12 Dates After Christmas”

Cute idea Jonie! Last year for Valentine’s I gave my husband a “coupon book” of dates, but he hasn’t been the best at actually choosing when to do the dates which was my mistake I think. I like the idea of just having 1 for each month and you do it on your regular date night or whatever… Anyway, I might need to get him duck dynasty dvds for christmas this year 🙂

I love your elephant ring! Gorgeous dress. I also used to dream about sitting on clouds. It seems like it would be so peaceful and relaxing all the way up there.

oh how sweet that he still had them all nice! Cute idea boys are SO hard to shop for!

November 19, 2013 Reply

Such a cute idea! I love it! My husband has he hardest time planning anything but dinner & a movie.

Janet Thaeler
November 19, 2013 Reply

Great idea! I pretty much give my husband the same thing every year now. Gift cards to restaurants we like. Then we go together all year. I might branch out to more than just eating out with this idea! I can only hope I can make the coupons look as good as yours do!

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Yvonne @ Tried and Tasty
November 20, 2013 Reply

Fun idea!! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for Christmas for several years now – I think it may be time?! Pinning!

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