How to Get Nail Polish off Carpet

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My daughter, Addie, is in her terrible twos.  No, really.  They are terrible.  When I turn my back for two seconds, she likes to destroy things.  I could give you plenty of examples like the time that she got out of bed at 11:00 at night (I found her at 11:30) and she had gone into my craft room, found the markers and colored all over her body.  I think she likes the shock factor or something.  Anyway, I could give you about a million of these examples, but that is not what this post is about.  I wanted to show you her latest and greatest mess I like to call “the time that Addie painted my kitchen rug with nail polish” and thought that maybe you would be interested in how to get nail polish off carpet in case you are ever in the same boat.

How to remove nail polish from carpet

(yes, that is the EMPTY bottle of polish that my child used on the carpet)

When I smelled the nail polish (because I totally smelled it before I saw it) I immediately got some baby wipes and pulled as much excess paint as I could up off the carpet.  You don’t want to rub because it will rub the paint into the carpet instead of keeping it up on the top of it.  I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing because it was a $200 rug that she had painted and I really didn’t want it to be ruined with the things that I was going to use to clean it up.

I knew I couldn’t use nail polish remover because the acetone would remove the color from my rug, and I didn’t have a non-acetone remover at home.  The stain sat for several hours before I got to it because I wanted to think it through.  I finally settled on Rubbing Alcohol.  It dries quickly and doesn’t have any color removing or staining properties.

Eureka!  We found a winner!  I poured the rubbing alcohol on the stain and using a microfiber cloth gently began scrubbing at the polish.  It came right out!  Who knew?!  Check it out.  This is the before and after.  I took the before using my iphone and the after I used my nice camera to make sure that you could really see that the stain is GONE!

how to get nail polish off carpet

I hope this helps!  If you have kids, nieces, nephews or kids that hang out at your house, you might just want to pin this for later in case you ever need it.  Good luck!

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