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Printable Valentines

I have been holding onto this printable for about a month and a half now just waiting for the perfect time to share it, and TODAY is the day!  These are the actual Valentines that my daughter will be bringing to school.  When I showed them to her the first time, she giggled and asked if she could please, PLEASE take them to class for Valentines Day.  Of course I will oblige!  We love Despicable Me at our house, so they were the obvious choice to make a printable Valentine with!

Printable Minion Valentines

These are really so easy to put together.  First, print out the printable I am providing for you at the bottom of this post.  There are 4 Valentines per page.  Use an x-acto knife to cut slits around the eyes and overalls.  You will only cut along parts of it.  If you cut all the way around, there won’t be anything for the paper to connect to.  Check out the graphic below to see exactly where I cut.

Minion Valentines

After you have cut out the detailed parts, cut your Valentines apart and slip in a twinkie.  You are officially finished!  Now you can wow your classmates with a fun treat!  I think I will write “Love Lillie” on the side of the Valentine as well so that they know she is the one that gave it to them.  Or I might even just have her write her name on them before I slip the twinkie in.  Either way, they are a ton of fun!

Minion Valentine

If you would like to make these for yourself, you can download the printable by clicking the link below.  All printables are for personal use only and only available to those that are subscribed to Just Between Friends.  SUBSCRIBE NOW to have full access to all printables.

One in a “Minion” Printable

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