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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Today I get to share some Mother’s Day gift ideas that I am kind of super excited about. I haven’t been so excited to introduce you to a new machine in a REALLY long time! I was introduced to the Minc foiling machine while I was attending SNAP a couple of weeks ago, and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Let me just show you a little bit of what I have been creating using my Minc for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Gift using Minc

All women can appreciate and love pretty packaging. There is nothing I love more than getting a beautifully wrapped present! It doesn’t even matter what is inside (although it’s an added bonus 🙂 ) This machine will help you make the most beautiful packaging, cards, tags, and SO MUCH MORE! I am blown away by all of the capabilities of the Minc.

Mother's Day Gifts

I wanted to make some cute Mother’s Day flags to stick into some flowers for my mom and mother in law. I started by grabbing some cute patterned scrapbook paper and printing out the words “Mother’s Day” using a toner printer in three different fonts so that I could see which one I liked the best. I ran it through the Minc machine to make the letters gold foiled, and then cut out the strips of paper around the words so that I could attach them to my wooden sticks. I love layers and texture, so I also used some washi tape and pom pom trim to add to the sticks.

Mother's Day gift tutorial

Once that was finished, I thought it would be fun to add another fun element to the mix. I pulled out the Anna Griffin designs that came with the machine, and chose the butterflies because I thought they were a lot of fun. I ran them through the Minc machine as well to foil them, and then attached them to a stick so that I could put it wherever I wanted it to go. The full butterfly worked best on it’s own stick, but the half butterfly worked perfectly sitting on top of the flag I had made.


I love that I can use my own designs, but I also love that the bundle I got had a lot of patterns pre-done that I could choose from. It made it so that as soon as I got it out of the box, I was able to try it out immediately. If you’re interested in getting the same bundle that I got (it is the smaller 6″ machine from Anna Griffin) then I have a HUGE deal to tell you about! Go ahead and tell your husband that he should wait on getting you that Mother’s Day gift for one day, because on Monday, May 11, Anna Griffin will be on HSN showing off the new machine at an AMAZING price! You will want to get it, trust me. It goes live at midnight, and there will only be a limited number of the bundle available, plus the price will only be good for that one day, so be sure to grab it while you can! Some of the features are that it is small and compact so it doesn’t take up a ton of storage space, it can use up to 6″ papers, it has evenly distributed heat for a more consistent result, and it has evenly distributed rollers for a consistent feed. Be sure to check it out!

Mother's Day Gift ideas

Last thing, I just wanted to show you a peak at tomorrow’s post. I designed these Mother’s Day cards and am thrilled with the way they turned out! The gold foiling adds such a nice touch. (I’m telling you people, I’m obsessed with the Minc!)

Mother's Day Card

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Oh what fun to have the Minc in a mini size! Love this fun project that you put together!

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