A New “Flip-Through Do”

3 years ago by in sunday styles
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fancy hair tutorial for girls

Hello friends! It’s Heather here again for another Sunday Style! I am so glad you are here with me! This week for our style I thought we would step out of the box a bit and do something a little on the spunky, fun side. This flip-through hairdo looks more “complicated” than it really is. Promise!

Upside Down buns

Start by simply parting the hair down the middle. Clip one side up and out of the way. Starting at the bottom of the nape, part a section about 2 inches thick. Pin the rest up and out of the way. Put the section in an elastic band about an inch from the scalp. Using a straight toothcomb or your finger, whatever you feel the desire, make a hole through the ponytail between the scalp and the elastic. Flip the ponytail up through the bottom of the hole you created, then pull the elastic tight to the scalp. Grab another section about the same size (include the “tail” from the last ponytail in the section) and repeat the process. Repeat that till you reach the top, 3-4 sections, depending on the thickness of the hair and sections you took. With the last section, simply make a bun, or messy bun. Then, do the same on the other side. And, as I mentioned last week, bows are a must in our home.

upside down bun tutorial


Thanks for joining me again today. I look forward to next week where we will have a super simple style easy enough for super little ones.

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