Lace Up Hearts

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Lace Up hearts hair tutorial

Oh Friends! I have a fun little Valentines Day style for your littles today! It looks a lot more complicated than it truly is. Its always fun to take a little twist on a style depending on the holiday that’s close. Valentines is no different! In fact, there are so many different ways to put a heart in the hair that it was hard to choose! So, we are starting off with the “Lace up Hearts”.

Valentines Hair for girls

So we start by parting the hair down the middle and sectioning those off. Starting on one side at the bottom, section off a piece about an inch and a half or so. Put that in an elastic. Repeat three more times. Then, repeat on the other side. Starting with the bottom ponytail, braid it. Then join that braid to the opposite side middle section. Start on the bottom again on the other side, and do the same thing. Repeat that till you reach the top. On the top ponytail do a flip through from the bottom, so that the tail comes back out the top. Split the tail into two pieces. Twist each piece and wrap down to the bottom of the ponytail. Pin in place with a pin, or with a cute bow.


I hope you all try it and find it is easy to do! Follow me over at my Instagram page @just_sunday_styles and tag me in your tries and styles or maybe something you would like to see me try first!! I would love to see them! Remember to tag them with #justsundaystyles

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