No Sew Heart Pillow

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My girls are catching on to my love of the holidays, and I think they are getting more and more into the spirit of fun as they get older. It’s the little things that get them excited. Valentines for their classroom, little craft projects, and even decorations for their own room. They see me decorating our home, and they asked me one day why they couldn’t have a decoration in their room too. I realized they were right! Why couldn’t they have one! I decided to start off with a simple decoration, a no sew heart pillow that they could use on their beds.

no sew heart pillow

It is so simple to make, and it was worth it to see my daughter’s face when she saw the addition to her bed. She even slept on it last night because she loves it so much. All you need it half a yard of fleece in any color or pattern (I chose red) and you’ll need some fluffy stuffing to put inside of the pillow.

heart pillow

I wanted to make sure I liked the shape of the heart before I cut it out of the fleece, so I used a piece of large paper to cut out a heart shape using the old fashioned way of folding the paper in half and then cutting one side of the heart with the middle on the fold. Do you remember cutting those out when you were a kid? It makes it so easy to make sure your heart is symmetrical. Once you have the heart the size and shape you want, use it as a pattern to cut out the fleece. You’ll to cut out two hearts.

Heart pillow tutorial

After you have your hearts cut out, use your scissors to cut strips into the hearts. The best way to do it is to place the hearts on top of each other so that the cuts line up exactly. Cut every 1-2 inches, and then cut about 2 inches into the middle of the heart. I tried doing shorter lines into the middle and found that it made it very difficult to tie the two together in the next step. 🙂

Heart pillow tutorial 2

Once your little lines are cut, you’re going to tie the top and bottom together. I just used a simple knot and it worked perfectly. Go along the entire edge of the heart tying the strips together until you get to the last 4-5 strips or so. At this point, you’ll want to stuff the pillow. When it is filled, tie the last of the strips together and you’re done! It is a simple and fun way to add some “holiday spirit” to my daughter’s room. You should give it a try and see just how easy it is to do it!

No sew heart pillow tutorial

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