Side Flip Through Pony

2 years ago by in sunday styles
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HEY! It’s me again. Wishing you all a fantastic amazing day. I hope you guys are all trying these styles! Remember to follow my IG account @just_sunday_styles and use #justsundaystyles for your posts! I would love to see how they turn out for you. But, for today, I have another one. Lets call it Side Flip Through Pony for lack of a shorter name. HA!

K 3

Starting on the right side (or left, whatever floats your boat, this is just the side I start on) part a vertical section off just behind the ear, put it in an elastic, and flip the hair through the side toward the left. Gather another section about equal in width, putting the tail from the last section in with this one, add another elastic and flip through the side again to the left. Section one more and repeat the flip through. Now, with this last front section, keep it separated from the other “tail”. Place it in an elastic and flip it through to the back, the opposite way you have been doing it. Now you have two tails facing each other. Put those in an elastic. Turn the ponytail into a flip through from the bottom to the top.


We love this style for church on Sundays because it’s fast, quick and simple for mornings! Dressing it up with a bow is always a win.


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