Chalkboard Word Art Using Vinyl

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I love the look of chalkboard word art, but my handwriting is sub-par at best. It definitely isn’t anything worth using on a sign. Plus, using chalk to write with is always so much harder than you think it will be. Last year, I started using vinyl (from Expressions Vinyl) as a stencil for my chalkboard, and I can’t stop! It is the perfect way to add an element of fun and surprisingly easier than you think it will be.


You’ll want to start with a chalkboard. I got mine at Michaels and LOVE it! You can really use any size or shape chalkboard that you like though. I love the farmhouse look this one has. Once you have your chalkboard, you’ll want to prime it by rubbing chalk all over it, and then wipe it off with a paper towel. This makes it so that you can reuse the chalkboard. If you don’t do it, the chalk will be hard, if not impossible, to wipe off of the board.


I always buy my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl because it is to my house within 2-3 days after ordering online. Super convenient, and they have the best prices. For this project, I used some basic indoor vinyl in white, since that is what I had on hand. I designed this using my Silhouette Studio program, and then just cut it out of the vinyl. If you would like this design, I can send you the file I made. Just email me 🙂


Once you get it all cut out, you’ll want the negative space to be the part that you use in the design. Make sure that all of the little pieces stay put! Use your transfer tape, and apply it to the surface of the prepped chalkboard making sure that it is stuck pretty well. Remove your transfer tape carefully and watch to make sure that the small pieces don’t come off with the tape.


After your vinyl is applied, use a piece of chalk and carefully start coloring in all of the shapes and letters. Once I had all of the parts colored in, I used my finger and blended the chalk. Then, carefully pull off all of the vinyl and admire your work!


I like to use a pin or a vinyl weeding tool to help me take the vinyl off when I am doing a chalkboard. It lowers the risk of my fingers accidentally erasing something that I didn’t want erased, and keeps the lines nice and crisp.


I love the way it looks with my Halloween mantel all put together! You might recognize the Halloween apothecary jars I did a couple of weeks ago sitting on the mantel as well. It is the perfect amount of spooky and cute when it is all together.

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