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Glow in the Dark Broomsticks

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My daughter has a summer birthday, so it is always a toss up as to when they will actually celebrate her at the school.  Usually it is in the spring time or towards the end of the school year.  This year, her teacher decided to celebrate in the fall.  Do you know how excited we both were that we got to come up with a spooky birthday treat to give to all of her classmates?!  We brainstormed together and eventually, this is what we came up with.  Glow in the Dark Broomsticks!  It is the perfect gift for classes because you don’t have to worry about food allergies, and they are really inexpensive to make.

Witches Broom favor

To make your own, you will need a few things.  It took some tracking to get everything I was looking for, but luckily I have all of that info for you now :)  You will need glow sticks.  The cheapest and best place to buy them is hands down the dollar store.  They sell them in tubes of 20 of the same color, or you can pick up the assorted colors.  I thought it would be best to make them all the same so that there isn’t any fighting over favorite colors.  You will also need paper lunch sacks, twine, cellophane bags, ribbon, and some candy corn.

Glow in the dark broomstick favors

To make the broom part, cut the lunch sack into three parts.  Then stack them together and cut vertical strips all along the bottom 3/4.  Grab your glow stick, add a connector so that they glow stick can be used as a bracelet, and then wrap the cut lunch bag around the glow stick very carefully so you don’t accidentally activate the glow stick by breaking it.  Last, tie it up with the bakers twine and you are good to go!  I recommend tying a double knot to secure it first, and then tie a bow for the cute factor.  We all know the cute factor is important! Ha!

DIY glowstick party favors

I chose to use cellophane bags (I picked them up at Zurchers, 25 for $3) because I thought they would be the best way to display the brooms.  They worked out great.  The ribbon closing the sack really holds the broom in place making them easy to pass out to the kids in the class.  As an added treat, I chose to put some candy corn in the bottom of the sack.  I picked up the candy corn at Target, 2 bags for $4.

glow in the dark broomsticks

To finish off the whole look, I needed a tag.  I designed these fun Happy Birthday tags for Lillie and let her tell me the colors that she wanted to use.  Then I printed them off, punched a hole in the top corner and added them to the packaging.  I think they are the perfect little finishing touch.  Come back tomorrow and I will give you the free printable for these tags, plus show you how to customize it to have any name you want!  I will also have some Happy Halloween versions to share.

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Trick or Treat Banner | Free Printable

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I have been having way too much fun creating banners for my command center wall.  I just love having the holidays represented there in such a simple way.  Of course I needed to have a Halloween banner to display, so I got to work creating a really easy banner that you could put together in an hour.  Hobby Lobby sells some really great trim back in their fabric department, and it was the black pom-poms and orange fringe that started this whole thing in motion.  They looked so cute together and they are perfect for hanging up with the Trick or Treat Banner.

Trick or treat free printable

Once I had the trim, I began designing the trick or treat.  I wanted it to be a fun, graphic, black and white look.  To me, it is just a classic Halloween look that I don’t think will ever go out of style.  I grabbed some bakers twine, cut out the trick or treat and then hot glued it into place on the string.  You can find the free printable banner down at the bottom of this post.

Printable Trick or treat banner

Last, I wanted to add just a little something extra, so I pulled out my Cricut Explore and cut some 3 inch bats out of black card stock and then just taped them into place.

Free Trick or Treat Banner

I love, LOVE the way it looks all together.  To take pictures, I decided to go where there was better light since the hallway I have it hanging in has lighting that isn’t ideal.  This would be perfect for any Halloween party display, mantel, wall, or really anywhere!  You will love how easy it is to make it, and I dare you to not smile every time you walk past it.  I know I can’t help it!

Trick or treat banner

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Trick or Treat Banner

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