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Lips Shirt

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I was at the Osh Kosh outlet store one day, and was perusing through the clearance section when I found an adorable yellow striped hoodie in Lillie’s size! I thought it was simple and cute, but a little bit boring. At only $8, I couldn’t pass it up and knew I could find a way to make it have the extra cute factor. On another day, I got some of Cricut’s brand spanking new glittery red iron on vinyl and the ideas started forming in my mind! Yellow and red are adorable together; Valentines Day is coming up; I need to make a Lips Shirt with these!

Sweatshirt refashion

This is probably the easiest tutorial you will ever find. It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. I began by using my Cricut Explore and cutting out some lip shapes. I actually cut out three different types of lips because I wanted to see which would look the best, but I really liked these ones the very best. The lips are part of the lovestruck 2010 image set that is available through Design Space. I modified it just a little bit to get the look I wanted.

Lips Shirt

Once the lips are cut out of the iron on vinyl, I ironed it onto the shirt. Here’s a tip for you if you haven’t used glitter iron on before. It take quite a bit more heat to get it to adhere the way you want it to. I use a cloth between the iron and the plastic for the first little bit, and then I just use the iron right on the plastic backing to go around and make sure all the edges are sealed. I have found that is the most effective way to get it to work.

Lips Sweatshirt

Lillie loves the sweatshirt! As soon as she saw it, she immediately wanted to put it on and told me over and over how much she loved it. I doubt I would have gotten the same response if I had left it the plain yellow. :)  So now we have a unique sweatshirt for less than $10 since we only used about $1 worth of vinyl (or less)! You can’t beat that!

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Chalkboard Deer Silhouette

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Nordic chalkboard

You know when you get an idea that you think will be really cool and then you put it together and it ends up even better than you originally thought? This is that idea. I am so excited with the way this chalkboard deer silhouette turned out and can’t stop opening my door to look at it. :) If you want to make one for yourself (which I HIGHLY recommend cause it’s so cute) it is an easy enough tutorial that can be done in no time!

Deer Head Silhouette

I started out by using my Cricut Explore machine and cutting a deer head silhouette out of chalkboard vinyl. You can get the vinyl from Cricut or Expressions Vinyl. Once the silhouette was cut out, I primed the chalkboard by rubbing the chalk over the entire surface and then wiping it off. Then I sharpened some chalk and used a ruler to draw some lines on the deer head to use for the different pattern sections. The lines can be as close or as far apart as you would like, I do recommend using different sizes of spaces though to create interest in the pattern.

Chalkboard Decoration

Now for the fun part! It was therapeutic for me to sit down with my sharpened chalk and fill in the different sections with various patterns. I wanted a nordic type look and I think the snowflake looking pattern helped with that.

Chalkboard door hanging

After all of the patterns were finished, I bought a wood slice from Michael’s and put the vinyl on that. If you are using my printable, just cut out the deer head and attach using mod podge or some other kind of adhesive. Be careful not to smear the printed part though. If it gets wet at all, the ink will run together and ruin the pattern.

Deer head door hanging

The finishing touch was to add a red button for a nose and then I hung the wood slice on my front door using a black buffalo plaid ribbon. I love the way it turned out!

deer head wreath


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