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Board & Batten Squares

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DIY Board & Batten Squares

When I originally proposed this idea to my husband, he was hesitant.  He thought we should just do the standard 3/4 wall vertical board and batten treatment.  Now that this is done though, he agrees that it was definitely the way to go!  I knew that I wanted a simple white board and batten treatment behind the crib, and this really is what makes the room look finished and might be my favorite part!  I will show you the basic overview of how we got the wall done in case you wanted to ever do it yourself.  It is a ton of work doing the board & batten squares, but the end result is amazing!  (PS how do you like the sneak peak of the nursery up there?)  :)


Here is where we started off.  It is just a big empty room with dirty white paint.  Whoever decided on the white that should be used when our house was made really had no clue.  It just looks dingy.  I knew it needed a nice fresh coat of pure white paint, but decided that I didn’t need to paint until after the boards were up.  If you are starting with a wall that is any color other than white, I would definitely recommend painting it white first.  It will save you so much time in the end!


We started by framing out the wall with our MDF.  The sides and bottom all got 1X4 MDF and the top got 1X6 to make it look more like molding at the top.  To attach the boards, we used a nail gun with 2″ nails.

vertical boards

After it was framed out, we started adding the vertical boards.  This is where you will need to do some math.  I took the length of the wall and divided it by the amount of vertical boards that I wanted to put up which told me how far apart the boards needed to be placed.  Mine ended up needing to be placed every 19.5 inches or so.

horizontal boards

Now that the vertical boards were up, I added the horizontal boards.  I figured I would only need 3 boards placed which would give me 4 squares total per section.  When you are putting the boards up, it is so important that you use a level on every single board that you use.  If you don’t, it will look really bad.  :)

caulking & filling holes

Once the boards were all up, I caulked all of the seams and filled all the nail holes.  This is the part that took FOREVER!  I wanted it to look the best that it could, so I really took my time making sure there weren’t any globs and then sanded down the boards to make sure that they were all smooth and ready for paint.

painted edges

The last step was using a paint brush to paint along all of the edges and then using a roller to paint the rest.  It gave it the smooth perfect finish that I was hoping for.  There is such a difference in the pure white I used.  It really made the room bright and fresh!  I also painted the other walls a soft grey color and I love the way it turned out as well.  It was a Behr paint called sandstone in case you are wondering.

board & batten squares after

In the end, it really was worth all of the extra work.  I love the custom look it gives to the room, and I LOVE the way the white just brightens the whole space.  If you have considered giving this a try, I highly recommend it!

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DIY Wood Crate | Flourish & Blotts

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The other day I told my husband that there were specific things that needed to be done before this baby could come.  One of those was that I NEEDED my porch to look like fall.  I know, it’s totally irrational, but I know that if it doesn’t get done before he is here it will never get done.  Anyway, I got to work last week and decided I needed a wooden crate to hold some flowers. This DIY wood crate is the perfect addition to any porch because it isn’t holiday specific.  I may have actually started having contractions 6 minutes apart because of this project, but it was TOTALLY worth it!  (I have since been banned from using power tools by my dr.  Oops. :( )

Flourish & Blotts DIY

This project was made entirely of scrap wood that I had in my garage making it totally free!  I used a 1X8 and 1X4 piece of wood to put this all together.  The 1X8 are the front and back as well as one piece in the bottom of the crate.  The 1X4 was used everywhere else.

wooden crate tutorial

I used my chop saw to cut the wood to size, and then used a staple gun to put the pieces together.  If you make a crate like this, remember to leave spaces between the wood in the bottom, or drill holes for drainage purposes.  It will help to keep your wood from warping.  After it was put together, I used a stain on the wood.  The 1X8 turned a darker color than the 1X4 and I LOVE the contrast of the dark and light wood together.

flourish & blotts stencil

To finish off the crate, I wanted to stencil something on the front of it to make it look like shipping crate of some kind.  Here is where you will get bonus points if you know where Flourish & Blotts comes from without me telling you.  If you don’t already know, it is from Harry Potter and is the name of the bookstore.  I really liked the name and I also liked the idea of using the name for the crate so that it is kind of Halloween-ish but not glaringly in-your-face Halloween so that I can use it whenever I want.  I used my Cricut Explore to cut out some vinyl and stenciled it onto the box using acrylic paint.  After the lettering dried, I sanded it a little bit and then sprayed it with a clear coat to make it resistant to water.

DIY Wooden Crate

I love the way it looks all together on my porch!  Having my porch look like fall is officially checked off of my list of things that I would like to happen before the baby comes.  :)

DIY wood crate

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