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Design Space Star | Vote for Me!

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You guys!!!  I am so stinking excited!  I don’t know if you remember me talking about it or not, but I have been competing in the Cricut Design Space Star challenge and this month, my project was selected to be in the top ten!!!  I could not be more excited about this if I even tried.  Here’s the thing.  I need your help!  Now that the top ten have been selected, voting has begun and the person with the top amount of votes by August 31st not only gets to have their project featured in the Cricut Design Space, but they also get $1000!  Wouldn’t that be so amazing to win?!

Painted Aztec Shirt


If you have a minute (cause that’s all it takes) I would LOVE for you to head over and vote for my Aztec Shirt.  You can vote once per day.  When I told my daughter Lillie which project was selected, she was ecstatic!  She kept saying, “I can’t believe I won!” She got on the phone and told my mom that she was the one who chose to do that project and that was why it was picked.  It definitely doesn’t hurt that she looks so darling in it.

Along with the Design Space Star, Cricut is doing a special promotion on their Explore machine.  They are offering a Cricut Explore® + Cricut Iron-On Bundle which includes four different iron on vinyl rolls for a really great price.  If you have been in the market for a machine, now is a great time to grab one!



Cross your fingers for me!  Thanks for your votes!!!

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Amigurumi Bunny | Crochet Bunny Pattern

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Amigurumi Bunny Pattern

This is a project that I have been meaning to put up on the blog for over a month!  It is my daughter’s very favorite project that I have ever done for her and she carries it around everywhere!  This Amigurumi Bunny was surprisingly easy to do, and I had it done in about 2 hours.  Not bad!  This is the perfect thing to make for your little ones to add to their Easter basket this coming Sunday and I can guarantee that they will think you are so cool for making it.

I purchased the pattern from a shop on Etsy called Winter White Knits.  If you can do a single crochet and a slip stitch, then you can do this pattern for sure.  I decided to do the bunny without the sweater and then added a little bow to the ear just because it is so dang cute.  The bow was really easy too!  I made it using a modified version of my crochet bow pattern.  I started by only chaining 20 and then followed the pattern without worrying about the amount of stitches.

Crochet Bunny

Isn’t that little bunny bum the cutest?!  What do you think?  Have you ever attempted amigurumi before?  This was my first time, and definitely not my last!  I am hooked now and keep looking for the perfect pattern to try for my next one.

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