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Meet the Contestants: Sarah from My Simple Obsession

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Don’t forget that you can still enter to win the incredible box of goodies from American Crafts as part of the Play at Home Giveaway Round Four!

Today you get to meet Sarah from My Simple Obsession.  She happens to be one of our final three contestants, so watch for her final project this week!  Here are her answers to the questions I asked:


#1 What is your favorite kind of project? -also- What is your favorite project you have ever completed?  

My Favorite kind of project is creating knock offs.  If you know me in person, I tend to lead toward expensive items.  I don’t know what it is.  I look at something and fall in love before I look at price tags.  And if it’s something I just have to have, I try to find a way to make it myself.  I like being able to walk into a store and go, “I can make that for a lot less than they are selling it for!”

I think by far my favorite project that I have tackled is my Daughters Nursery.  Although it was 3 years ago, it is my favorite room in the house.  It could be because it’s the only one finished. Ha-ha.

Girls room

Girls room 2

#2 If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

I would go to Europe. I love all the buildings and history that they preserve. I’m always fascinated by our history and the stories they tell.

#3 If you had one day to do anything you wanted to do, what would it be? 

Anything? Haha.  I would do absolutely nothing.  Just have the house all to myself.  It’s a rare thing to get once you become a mom.

#4 When you were younger, what did you think you would be when you grew up, and did it happen? 

When I was younger I thought I was going to be a high school art teacher.  I started out that way in college then shifted gears to a Graphic Designer.  So, even though I’m not an Art teacher I’d like to think I do some sort of teaching to all my readers with my tutorials I put up on the blog.

#5 Favorite medium?  (paint, sewing, power tools,etc..)  

My favorite medium to work in is wood!  I love anything to do with wood, from furniture, to small crafts.

#6 Why did you start your blog?  How long ago did you start it?  

I started my blog to be able to show my creative side to anyone that was willing to read it.  I really enjoy making things and I have always gotten questions like, “ How did you make that?” or “ I can’t believe you made that!”  I think everyone is able to be crafty in his or her own way.  If you have the ability to learn, why not learn how to make something?  I started my blog about a little over a year ago.  So I’m very new to the blogging world.  It has been addicting at times and I have even gone through withdrawals recently since I’ve been out from blogging for the past 3 months or so. When I found out I was pregnant with our second, I really didn’t think I would become so sick.  I wouldn’t wish chronic morning sickness on anyone!!!  Even though I am new, it has been nice to be able to find a niche and explore posting possibilities lately.

#7 Tell me your favorite joke. 

I’m not one to tell jokes, although I hear more than my fair share from “The Man”.  He tends to tell me jokes that he thinks are SO, SO, SO funny and when I don’t laugh he’s like, “How could you not think that’s funny?”  I think I tend to laugh more at him then I do at his actual joke.  One of his favorites is, “What’s brown and sticky?”  Answer:  A Stick! Please tell me I’m not the only one that would be laughing at my husband for even telling that joke?  He’s a kid at heart so you got to love him for that.

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Honoring Dad with the “World’s Funnest Dad” Giveaway

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With Father’s Day coming up, I thought it might be fun to do two giveaways this week specifically for them.  It’s not very often that I do anything for people of the male gender on my blog, so I thought this would be a perfect way to honor them.


Let’s talk for a minute.  My husband gets to be the “fun parent” and I get to be the one that lays down the law.  Is this something that happens at your house too?  The dad gets to be the one to wrestle with the kids when he gets home from work, PLUS he riles them up right before bedtime and the kids all love it.  Then in the background I am like “could you stop making them so worked up?  I just got them calmed down!”  Can you relate?

I have come to accept that my husband is the “funnest” and decided that I would be more encouraging of the time my kids get to spend with him.  (as long as it isn’t making them crazy right before bedtime :) )  My favorite thing to do is to record little snippets of those moments when the kids are laughing and playing with my husband either through photo or video.  I think everyone should have family videos.  What’s more fun then that?

The first giveaway I am sharing with you will give you the chance to record those moments and so much more!!!  Are you interested?  Let me tell you all about it since the prizes are worth over $1000!  Here’s what is up for grabs!

worlds funnest dad giveaway

-A Cricut Father’s Day Bundle + a year of Cricut Craft Room access to more than 37,000 images! Complete with a sleek, black Cricut Expression and multiple manly materials to create with, the Cricut Father’s Day Bundle will get the dad in your life creating with cereal boxes, Duck Tape and vinyl for crafts and customizing everything from tech to water bottles. You’ll also find a deep-cut blade & a Cricut toolkit, which makes creating manly crafts easy! Your Dad & family will get all-access for one full year to the entire Cricut Craft Room digital library, which includes access to more than 37,000 images and fonts!

-An Ubooly—a plush interactive toy that works with your smart phone to make your kids smarter + $100 in Ubooly Lab credit, Here are some awesome things about Ubooly.
Ubooly will know their child’s name, like the same: colors, interests, food, hobbies etc.
·  By purchasing credits parents will be able to unlock Educational, Interest, and Helper packs.
Educational Packs: Our Lesson packs are created on a 5 day schedule, and keep parents in the loop with progress reports
Interest Packs: Our interest packs are full of fun facts of trivia to get your child excited about specific topics.
Fitness & Helper Packs: Ubooly will also help with personal growth & create healthy habits through the Fitness and Helper packs.
·  Content packs are all designed to be age appropriate for different age ranges (3-9)
·  Content packs are written by a large team of elementary teachers & comedians
-A camcorder from FamilyShare.com with 16GB of internal memory, 70x zoom and 3.0” touch-screen. FamilyShare.com is a site designed to provide tools to strengthen families worldwide. Filled with practical solutions from real people, FamilyShare.com can be your go-to guide for a stronger, more loving family. Whether you want to ask a question or help others find a solution, you can find and share tips on parenting, home, health, vacations, love, and all things family.
Doesn’t that sound like an amazing prize package?!  All you need to do to enter is use the Rafflecopter form below.  After you enter, go answer this for me in the comment section: What is your favorite memory from your childhood with your dad?  I would love to know!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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