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DIY Porch Table

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Inexpensive DIY table

My favorite part about spring is sprucing up my yard and my porch and bringing in some color.  I love fresh flowers and the color that they add.  I decided I needed a table on my porch that I could put some flowers on for a little extra height.  As luck would have it, one day I was at the thrift store and happened upon this table and the price couldn’t have been better. $3!!!!  It wasn’t pretty to look at, but I knew it had potential.  The best part about this table is the simple construction.  You could create the whole thing if you wanted to, and for very inexpensively.  The top is just MDF and the legs are standard spindle legs with connectors that I have seen at Home Depot before.

Alright, let’s get down to what I did to this porch table.  I had a bunch of scrap 1X2 pieces of wood in varying lengths.  If you don’t happen to have the wood at home, you can buy a 1X2X8 piece of wood for about $2.  It is SO inexpensive but works great.  I laid the wood on my table top to make sure I knew where I wanted each piece and then I put my new nail guns (that I got for my birthday) to use.  You could also use a hammer and nails, but it was definitely easier with the nail gun.  I used about three nails per board for the long ones and two for the short pieces.

DIY Porch Table

Next, I wanted the table to still have it’s circular shape, so I flipped it over and drew a circle on the wood.  I wanted it to have an overhang so that the MDF wasn’t visible, so I used a piece of wood that was about 1/2″ thick and used that to help me keep an even spacing all the way around the table as I drew the circle.  (Not a very technical way to do it, but effective!) I used my jigsaw to cut out the circle.  There were definitely parts that weren’t exactly even, but it all worked out in the end.  I pulled out my sander and went to town on it.  I evened it all out and now you can’t even tell that it was wonky before!

DIY Porch Table 2

Now that the table was all cut out and sanded, I spray painted the legs a bright pink color.  I thought it would look so great with my turquoise bench.  ( I was right, by the way)  :)

DIY Porch Table 3

Once the legs were dry, I used a Minwax stain in a honey color to finish off the top.  I stained the MDF bottom as well as the top part so that it was all the same color.  To make sure that it was a little more weather proof, I finished everything off with a quick glossy clear coat spray paint.  It gives it a nice finished look.  Ta-da!

DIY Porch Table 8

Doesn’t it make such a big difference?!  It was a project that was done in one afternoon-that’s my kind of project!  I love the way it turned out and the statement that it brings to my porch!

DIY Porch Table 7

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Mothers Day

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As Mother’s Day gets closer, I find myself reflecting on the many women in my life that have influenced me for the better.  My mom is of course at the top of that list, but there are many, many other women as well.  Grandmothers, Aunts, Cousins, Friends, Neighbors, teachers, all of have influenced me to become the woman that I am today.  I would like to take a moment and recognize those women in my life.

I recently read this article on Familyshare.com that talks about recognizing all of the influential women in our life especially so close to Mothers Day.  I really found it insightful.  I really liked where it defines what a mother is.  Mothering is far more than just giving birth.  It is caring for and nurturing others.  You should take a minute to read it.  I think it helped me to remember those mothering influences in my life a little better.

Going hand in hand with this article was another article I found that talked about the mother’s influence on society.  If you pair the two articles together, it really goes to prove the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child.”  Our children are influenced by the example of teachers, neighbors,and  friends.

If you want to take a moment to reflect on the women that have influenced you and would like to honor them, familyshare.com has made it really easy to send them a special note and let them know what a difference they have made for you in your life.  It is an E-card of sorts and I really like the idea of it.  It is called Show Love and is an easy way to let someone who has influenced you know that you love them.

I really want to just thank all of you women reading this.  You have all influenced me in my life.  I love you and appreciate your caring and support.   Thank you for being with me on this blog.  Tomorrow, I will return to the normal “crafty post” but couldn’t pass up this opportunity to remember the women in my life.  Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do for me.



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