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Board & Batten Squares

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DIY Board & Batten Squares

When I originally proposed this idea to my husband, he was hesitant.  He thought we should just do the standard 3/4 wall vertical board and batten treatment.  Now that this is done though, he agrees that it was definitely the way to go!  I knew that I wanted a simple white board and batten treatment behind the crib, and this really is what makes the room look finished and might be my favorite part!  I will show you the basic overview of how we got the wall done in case you wanted to ever do it yourself.  It is a ton of work doing the board & batten squares, but the end result is amazing!  (PS how do you like the sneak peak of the nursery up there?)  :)


Here is where we started off.  It is just a big empty room with dirty white paint.  Whoever decided on the white that should be used when our house was made really had no clue.  It just looks dingy.  I knew it needed a nice fresh coat of pure white paint, but decided that I didn’t need to paint until after the boards were up.  If you are starting with a wall that is any color other than white, I would definitely recommend painting it white first.  It will save you so much time in the end!


We started by framing out the wall with our MDF.  The sides and bottom all got 1X4 MDF and the top got 1X6 to make it look more like molding at the top.  To attach the boards, we used a nail gun with 2″ nails.

vertical boards

After it was framed out, we started adding the vertical boards.  This is where you will need to do some math.  I took the length of the wall and divided it by the amount of vertical boards that I wanted to put up which told me how far apart the boards needed to be placed.  Mine ended up needing to be placed every 19.5 inches or so.

horizontal boards

Now that the vertical boards were up, I added the horizontal boards.  I figured I would only need 3 boards placed which would give me 4 squares total per section.  When you are putting the boards up, it is so important that you use a level on every single board that you use.  If you don’t, it will look really bad.  :)

caulking & filling holes

Once the boards were all up, I caulked all of the seams and filled all the nail holes.  This is the part that took FOREVER!  I wanted it to look the best that it could, so I really took my time making sure there weren’t any globs and then sanded down the boards to make sure that they were all smooth and ready for paint.

painted edges

The last step was using a paint brush to paint along all of the edges and then using a roller to paint the rest.  It gave it the smooth perfect finish that I was hoping for.  There is such a difference in the pure white I used.  It really made the room bright and fresh!  I also painted the other walls a soft grey color and I love the way it turned out as well.  It was a Behr paint called sandstone in case you are wondering.

board & batten squares after

In the end, it really was worth all of the extra work.  I love the custom look it gives to the room, and I LOVE the way the white just brightens the whole space.  If you have considered giving this a try, I highly recommend it!

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Fall Maternity Fashion | Agnes & Dora Giveaway

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You know those ideas that seem like really great ideas until you are in the middle of them, and then you think, “Why the heck am I doing this again?”  This is one of those ideas.  I thought it would be so fun to show you some fall maternity fashion ideas using some of my favorite, go to pieces.  The problem came when I was taking the pictures at 9 months pregnant. HA!  Trust me when I say if I can wear these outfits while I am this pregnant, anyone can!  Also, if you make it to the end of this post, you could win some Agnes and Dora goodness for yourself!

Agnes & Dora Maxi

When I am pregnant, I want an outfit that makes me feel like I look a million bucks without that price tag, and without being a “fussy” outfit.  I don’t want to have to constantly be adjusting or making sure my belly isn’t showing on the underside (classic sign of a woman in her final weeks of pregnancy.)  I put together 3 outfits to give you some ideas that you can use whenever you find yourself needing them.

Agnes & Dora Maxi 2

One thing that I love is wearing clothing that will work for me while pregnant, and then postpartum while I am trying to lose that baby weight.  This is where Agnes & Dora come into the mix.  Have you guys ever tried their leggings?  What about their skirts?  They are thick, creamy, soft, and just what my pregnant body loves.  This first outfit, I am wearing an Agnes & Dora maxi skirt.  There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING better than wearing a maxi skirt while pregnant.  It is soft and comfortable and you can snuggle up while wearing it.  As a serious bonus, you don’t have to worry about keeping your legs together while sitting down.  (It’s a real problem) I love that you can dress it up or down.  The shirt came from Pink Blush Maternity.  They have so many CUTE maternity items that you will love.

Agnes & Dora Leggings 2

This second outfit, I am wearing olive colored Agnes & Dora leggings, black shirt from Pink Blush Maternity, and the cardigan, boots and necklace are from from Maurices.  This one might be my favorite outfit of the bunch.  There is something about getting ready for the day that makes me feel like I could take on the world.  I am making a baby for goodness sake, I can do anything!  Even if getting ready just means making sure that I have a pretty necklace on to go along with my hair being in a bun, it makes me feel more confident in the way that I look.

Agnes & Dora Leggings

This last outfit, I really love for Sundays or days that I am supposed to dress up for something.  The Agnes & Dora skirt is stretchy and comfortable, and the striped top from Pink Blush Maternity is so comfortable.  I paired it with a necklace I picked up from a boutique and some royal blue shoes I got from Forever Young Shoes. I love the subtle pops of color.

Agnes & Dora pencil skirt

Frankly there, are so many things that you can wear while pregnant.  It doesn’t always have to be a t-shirt and yoga pants.  You can be pregnant plus look and feel like a million bucks.  REALLY!  Here are my tips of things to avoid while pregnant.

  • If you are 9 months pregnant, you should NOT try to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes.  Just don’t.  They are too small and even if you can squeeze yourself into them, you shouldn’t do it.  You will be pulling that shirt down over your belly and those pants will fall down over and over again.  It isn’t worth the work!
  • If you are wearing leggings, make sure your shirt is long enough to cover not only your stomach, but also your lady parts.  No one wants to see that.
  • Wearing clothing with words on your stomach.  Why?  Need I say more?  You don’t need to draw more attention to your stomach.  Everyone can already see it.
  • Make sure your belly is covered.  It is not attractive to see the bottom of your stomach hanging out from under your shirt.

There are some tips for you.  Take them for whatever they are worth.  I am definitely no expert, and sometimes it is all you can do to get dressed in the morning while pregnant.  I get that.  But, maybe getting ready for the day is going to be that extra little push to make you feel better and ready to take on the day.

Agnes and Dora are teaming up with Just Between Friends and are giving one of you the chance to pick ANYTHING from their site!  You heard me right.  One of you will be able to pick your very favorite item.  They have so many cute things, you are sure to find something you love.  All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below and you will be entered to win!  The giveaway will run from today (10/13) through Friday (10/17) and the winner will be emailed on Saturday.  Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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