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Easy Batty Treats | Free Printable

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easy batty treat

After school, I like to have a snack for my daughter ready to go, and most days it is fruit, cheese, veggies etc.  There are some days, though, that I think it is fun to have a treat.  Having a themed treat is even better.  I got to thinking about what I could do that would bring a smile to Lillie’s face, and I knew these easy batty treats would definitely do the job.  These would also be perfect if you are in charge of a school class Halloween activity.  The kids would love putting them together!

Easy Batty treat idea

I started by making some printable bat wings (you can find the printable at the end of this post) and printed them on card stock.  Then, I cut the wings out and got some candy corn, candy monster eyes, ding dongs, and ho hos.  If you can’t find monster eyes, you could always use m&ms with frosting.

crafty bat treat

Put the bats together by sticking the wings into the sides of the ding dong and then using a small dab of frosting, attach the eyes and teeth to the top.  To make the teeth, I gently broke the end off of the candy corn and put them into place.

bat themed treats

I thought it would be fun to try it on these hostess ho hos as well.  Wouldn’t it be so fun to set a party table and have one of these waiting at each place?!  I think it is the perfect little place setting.  Just be sure to put it on a smaller plate so that they can put it to the side and use the big plate for the main course so they don’t have to eat the treat first.  There are just so many things you can do with these fun crafty treats.  If you decide to give them a try, send me a picture!  I would love to see your creations!

Printables are for personal use and available to subscribers of Just Between Friends ONLY.  SUBSCRIBE NOW to be able to download this and all other printables.  Once you have subscribed, click the links below.  There are black wings and grey striped wings available.

Black bat wings

Grey striped bat wings

For more quick and easy Halloween craft ideas, check out the Craft Lightening series going on right now.  Just click the picture below:

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Halloween Nail Art

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I know I’ve said it before, and I am sure I will say it again, but I LOVE Halloween!  There is just something about it that I love.  It is probably because my mom has always loved it, and I’ve just carried on that feeling.  My girls are picking up on the excitement in the air.  Not only do we have a fun holiday coming up, but I am actually scheduled to have my baby on October 29th!!!!  Holy cow!!!  Did you guys realize I was so close to having this little baby?!  The thing about the date is that it means that I will be in the hospital on Halloween.  I am trying to still have as much fun with my girls as I can even though I won’t be able to get them dressed in their costumes and take them trick or treating.  That being said, we have been having fun with the Halloween themed lunches, and I decided that we shouldn’t just stop there.  I was thinking about something we could do and decided that some Halloween nail art would be a blast!!!

Halloween Nail art

I have never had a really steady hand when it came to painting with nail polish, so I decided that I would turn to my Cricut Explore for some help.  I have heard that the Explore could get some tiny precise cuts, so I really put it to the test.  I cut out a bunch of different Halloween shapes and I am SO impressed with how well it worked!  I think we will be doing this for every holiday!  Check out these fun shapes!  They are all under 1/2 inch wide.

Halloween nail art ideas

For the Design Star challenge, my team decided to go with a black and white Halloween theme, so I bought black and white nail polish and I also had a white nail pen (to do the polka dots and stripes with.)  Addie wanted to have spiders and spider webs on her nails, and I think it is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen!  I am totally biased of course.  We started with the base nail polish colors and then got to work adding the vinyl shapes.  To hold the vinyl in place, I have gel nail polish and the lamp to go with it and used a top coat to really seal it.  I knew it would give extra protection to use it, but I am sure that a few coats of normal top coat would work as well.

Halloween Nail art ideas 2

My sister came over to join in the fun, and we went with bats and spider webs.  Both of us thought that the spider webs looked so cool on Addie’s fingers that we had to add them in to the mix.  We went with stripes instead of polka dots on my sister’s fingers and I really love the way they turned out!  To get the spider webs to work, I had a small pair of nail scissors that I used to help cut the vinyl to the right size.  They worked perfectly!  I also used the scissors to cut a bat in half to add to her nails.

Halloween nail art 2

Aren’t these so fun!?!  I knew that the Explore could do a lot of stuff, but I really am impressed with the detail I was able to cut.

Halloween toenail art

Last, Lillie wanted her toenails painted, so my sister got to work on her nails and did exactly what Lillie asked for.  To say that she loves them would be an understatement.  My girls were so excited to get primped, and I love that I was able to celebrate Halloween with them, albeit a little bit  a lot a bit early.

What do you think? Would you ever try this out?  I think you should ;)

If you need some more black and white Halloween goodness, check out the posts from the rest of my team!

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